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  1. Class Reunions?

    If you're planning a Class Reunion and want to advertise it.  Send you're information by email to:  elginalumniassoc@gmail.com. We will be sure it gets put on the website in the Alumni Community Class Reunion section. Plan your reunion now!

  2. EAA Day Trips

      ***EAA Day Trips*** The Alumni Association is hoping to sponsor more social events this year to help members connect with one another. With that in mind a day trip with bus/transportation in late summer or early fall has been suggested. The Association is open to suggestions as to...

Education First (EF)/Educational Tours

EF is #1 in Educational Tours


With a half century of experience and schools and offices in over 50 countries, you know you're traveling with a safe and globally reputable educational travel organization.

  • All of our itineraries are educational.
  • With EF Price Guarantee, our unmatched global presence and longstanding relationships with airlines and hotels ensure that you will always get the best experience at the lowest price, guaranteed.
  • We are committed to your safety.
  • Your full-time Tour Director stays with your group around the clock on tour, providing insight about your destination as well as great tips.

Contact Gayle Dunham at: (740) 465-6031 or Email at: gayledunham08@gmail.com

Buy Comet & Alumni Gear Clothing and Apparel

Welcome to the EAA!

OUR MISSION:  To connect alumni with one another, students, and staff to develop a lifelong relationship with the Elgin Community.

OUR VISION:  To increase awareness and promote throughout the Elgin community:







Kroger Community Rewards Program


Here's a great way to support your Elgin Alumni Association and it doesn't cost you a penny! So far we have only 10 families enrolled, but we have earned nearly $300 in less than 5 months. Please take a few minutes to enroll today!

We are pleased to announce that the Elgin Alumni Association has been successfully enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Through its Community Rewards Program, Kroger gives back millions of dollars each year to deserving charities (such as Elgin Alumni Association) in the communities it serves.

See the instructions below on how to enroll your Kroger Plus Card. Once enrolled, each time you swipe your Kroger Plus card, the Elgin Alumni Association will receive a percentage or your total purchase! Its very quick and easy. PLEASE enroll your card TODAY!

Spread the word! Please help spread the word by making your family, friends, co-workers and other associates aware of this easy way to help the Elgin Alumni Association attain its scholarship goals. THANK YOU!

You have been assigned a new NPO number 69621.

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What Do You Think?

If you would be interested in any of the following, please download the form below, fill it out and return it to :

Elgin Alumni Association

1150 Keener Road South

Marion, OH 43302

Would you be Interested in these opportunities through EAA?

Fun Fund-Raisers like:

 Sock Hop,  Car Show,  Coming Home Tail-gating

 Other ideas for fund raisers?


Day Bus Trips:   

          Sports events: Where?

          Music, plays, garden tours etc.: Where?

          Shopping trips: Where?


Overnight bus trips?    Where?



In the USA ONLY such as:

         Travel trips to other countries such as

          Cruises to :  Mediterranean,   Caribbean,   Panama,   Australia,   Europe,   Asia,   England/Ireland,   Canada/Nova Scotia


          Others such as:


          River boat cruises in:  Europe,   Russia,   Italy,   China,   Japan


        Other Ideas Welcome:   THANK YOU!!!!    Download the form below.


EF/Educational Tour to Paris, The Riviera & Rome Cancelled!

Gayle Dunham has cancelled the trip next year due to not enough confirmations for the trip. She stated she had many with interest but not enough confirmed. Any questions or future travel suggestions contact Gayle Dunham at (740) 465-6031 or Email her at gayledunham08@gmail.com.


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Please download this form, fill it out and return it to:

Elgin Alumni Association

1150 Keener Road South

Marion, OH 43302